Monday, May 18, 2009

Hey there!

So... this is my new blog. I'm not so sure what I'll do with it, now that I have it, but one thing is for sure: It will definitely be a food blog (like there aren't enough of those already). Maybe with the occasional kitty picture thrown in. ;-)
I've always liked to bake and cook ever since I got a working little kids' stove for my 7th birthday. I would frequently cook Pfannkuchen (German pancakes) on it, and my younger sister declared them to be better than my mom's (which might have been a lie, but it made me proud nonetheless).
Then there was a long period in my life when I didn't cook at all, what with being a teenager and living off of chocolate and salami sandwiches. Well, gotta make use of the teenage hummingbird metabolism....
Eventually, of course, one gets tired of eating the same foods every day, so I started cooking a bit (nothing complicated - we're talking potato soup and butter cookies). Some of the incentive to start making my own food was the sheer lack of certain foods around here, too.
Nowadays, I cook and bake for myself and the boyfriend (and friends of course, but not on a regular basis). My skills in the kitchen are evolving and I'm having more and more fun recreating foods I thought could only be bought - never made - in my own kitchen.
Besides being a foodie, I'm also a student, an obsessive reader, avid music lover (and snob, I'm sorry to admit) and cat person.
Although I live in Germany, I decided to write in English, for obvious reasons (i.e. more people speak it). At first, I was going to do it in both English and German, but what can I say... I'm too lazy for that.
However, if you are experiencing problems with one of the recipes, drop me a line in the comments section and I'll be more than happy to translate it for you.

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