Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vanilla Heaven

See this?

I got them in the mail today. 42 perfect vanilla beans.
Fourty-two! That's a lot of vanilla, let me tell you. I don't think I've used that much vanilla in my entire life.
And the best part? These cost only a fourth of what you would normally pay at the grocery store. And they are better! Bigger, juicier, and the aroma is beyond words.
I did a little sniffing right away and they definitely all have a distinct smell. And they're all different! Some of them smell fruity, some like ice cream and some even have a very pronounced chocolate smell. Awesome!
Now I only have to assign each of them their proper dish. Because no one wants to end up with a chocolaty vanilla bean in, say, their ice cream.
Seriously, we can't have that.
For you Europeans, I got them here. And if you want some advice, order 14 of the little glass tubes (each contains 3 vanilla beans), because they can ship up to 14 of them in a padded envelope, which reduces your shipping costs. You'll evenutually need more vanilla anyway and if you store the beans well, they are good for many years.

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